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AdaptAccounts source code accounting software for Microsoft SQL Server


U.S. Payroll

Table driven. AdaptAccounts for SQL Server 2012 core facilities support locally defined earnings and deduction characteristics and tax tables. Federal Tax tables are easily specified by simply entering the current annual rates and limits from IRS Circular E. State and Local tax table maintenance is done similarly using annual rates and limits. This means you have direct control over your Payroll function since you are never dependent upon your computer format tax tables being provided by someone else.

Click here for a sample screen-shot for "Payroll setup" showing the "Earnings" page.

Basic specifications...

  • Unlimited Employees
  • Five Pay Cycles
  • 20 Earnings Categories plus 6 Hourly Rates
  • 20 Deduction Categories
  • Import time entries

Integration with General Ledger. Payroll processing generates transactions within Payroll. Journal Entries for these transactions subsequently flow into the General Ledger.

Integration with Project/Job Costing. Payroll time entries can specify the particular Job and Cost center. The Job Costing summaries for affected Jobs and Cost centers are updated during Payroll processing.

Easy Employee maintenance. The Employee maintenance form provides an easy to use way to specify the Payroll characteristics for each Employee.

Click here for a sample screen-shot for "Employee maintenance".

Easy time transaction entry and importing. Labor time entries can be entered or imported as often as you wish prior to Payroll processing. While entering these time entry transactions you can review them and make any corrections required. Lookup help for Employees and Accounts is always available.

Complete Payroll history. Full details of processed Payroll transactions are maintained and are available for subsequent viewing, analysis and reporting.

Click here for a sample screen-shot for "View Employees and transactions".

Easy modifications. All Payroll control, transaction and summary data is maintained in standard database tables. These tables are readily extensible.

Integrity. Only valid Employees and Accounts are accepted for time entries. Employee records for terminated employees are preserved until applicable end-of-year reporting has occurred. A built-in facility enables Payroll checks to be reprinted in the event of a printing failure.

Easy report changes. All reports are based on a visual report designer so they can be readily changed. Additional reports may also be readily created using any report designer tools for Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Flexible Check forms. These forms are also based on a visual report designer so they can be readily adapted to your existing Checks forms and preferences.

Check reconciliation. Payroll check reconciliation is fully supported within the General Ledger Bank Reconciliation task.

Special government reports. Various government agencies impose special reporting requirements involving employee characteristics, composition and payroll data. The flexible design of AdaptAccounts for SQL Server 2012 Payroll and its use of database tables enables these requirements to be readily handled. For example, you can easily add additional fields to the Employee table. Since all transaction details are preserved, you can use other SQL Server database query and reporting tools to combine them with Employee data to produce any other special reports you need.

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