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AdaptAccounts source code accounting software for Microsoft SQL Server


System Manager

AdaptAccounts applies modern software technology leveraging Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to produce reliable application software systems that are readily adapted to the specific requirements of particular installations. The System Manager is at the core of this approach. It provides reliable and efficient common services to all other applications.

Summary of System Manager tasks

  • Company maintenance.
  • User maintenance.
  • Fiscal Period maintenance.
  • Serial maintenance.
  • Country and State maintenance.
  • Login Company maintenance.
  • Database Developer/Administrator.

Company maintenance. Multiple company support is standard. Each Company has its own database and shares common programs. Company maintenance supports defining characteristics for each particular Company.

Login Company maintenance supports adding and deleting Companies. The System Administrator can specify supplementary Company passwords.

User maintenance. Systems support setting up any number of users with their individual access rights. The System Administrator can specify supplementary User passwords to complement operating system access control.

The System Administrator grants user access on a per user basis by application and task group. For example, the System Administrator could grant a particular User the rights to Inquiry and Report tasks in Accounts Receivable but withhold rights to Transactions and Maintenance tasks. A user sees only those applications and task groups for which they have been granted access.

Fiscal Period maintenance. Each Company has its own fiscal years and periods. That control information is maintained in this task.

Serial maintenance. The System Manager provides efficient facilities to maintain and allocate serialized values for purposes such as transaction numbering.

Country and State maintenance. Using consistent country/state identification is important for companies with international activities. Many systems just allow free-form data entry of a country name and state/province code. Those systems inevitably end up with variations for the same country and for the same state/province for foreign countries. Those variations compromise the value of the database for subsequent decision support and analysis and data mining activities. Country and State table support eliminates that problem.

The Country table is preloaded for all Countries. Countries that are checked as Active are presented in drop-down lists when selecting the CountryID for Customer and Supplier records etc. This way you can check the countries applicable to you and uncheck any others. The CountryID is based on the internet Country Code top level domain. You can change it if you wish.

The State table is preloaded for the U.S., Canada and Australia. This task supports defining States/Provinces for other countries. 

Database Developer/Administrator. This task provides schema and task information for your SQL Server database in a variety of useful formats.

Click here for a sample screen-shot for "Database Developer/Administrator" showing the "Table" tab.

Click here for a sample screen-shot for "Database Developer/Administrator" showing the "Task" tab.

Click here for a sample screen-shot for "Database Developer/Administrator" showing the "Application" tab.

Click here for a sample screen-shot for "Database Developer/Administrator" showing the "All Columns" tab ordered by  Table Name.

Other System Manager facilities

  • Throughout the system there is a need to maintain lists of selected entities such as Customers, Suppliers, Products, Accounts etc. The List maintenance facilities enable each User to maintain their own private lists of selected entities for each Company without affecting, or being affected by, selections by other Users.
  • The menu system supports easy addition of local tasks.
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